Fattoria Bio Hokkaido

Natural Cheese Maker



We designed and started to support their website/EC since 2017.
Analyze, make a contents, design for their brands and customers. For instance, we visited Italy on 2020, to interview Italians Mom and shooting her cooking. And we made a recipe books and any videos, delivered the customer.

Analyst : Shinya Furumata
Photographer : Kento Takada
System Advisor : Takashi Yoshishita
Server Administrator : 12grid inc.
Booklet : Shiori Graphic
Brand Identity : AMAYADORI
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Fattoria Bio Hokkaido


Brand Strategy, Brand Experience
WEB Design, Copy, Development and Updating
ECsite Design, Copy, Development and Updating
Graphic Design, Art Direction for brand experience
Analysis, SEO and Contents Marketing
Photography, Video Production
Interview, Writing