is a design studio by Kazuhito Masuko
based in Sapporo, Japan.
We use a lot of digital tools for solutions,
but we think important

real communication

between people, which is often overlooked.
We deliver brand experience

simply, essentily, emotionaly.


Research & Insights
Data Analytics
Interview & Writing
SEO, Content Marketing
Website / EC Design & Copy
System Development
Video, Photography
Sound Design


Fattoria Bio Hokkaido
Funka Bay Toyoura Tourist Association
haku hostel + café and bar
and more


Printing and Literature : Sanon Design Inc.
Consulting, Production : Bypush Inc.
Branding : ShoriGraphic
Analyst : Shinya Furumata
Engineering Adviser : Takashi Yoshishita
Photography : Kento Takada
and more